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Our final half term of this academic year commences on the 1st June, I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. In nursery school we will be beginning our transition to primary school for those who are in their preschool year.

A common misconception is that we are nursery school class for Skipton Parish Church School, when in fact we are are a stand alone local authority nursery with our own headteachers (Alison and Michael) and Governing body. Our preschool children will soon be pursuing new adventures elsewhere attending schools across Skipton but also in the wider area including Crossflatts and Sutton CP School.

Over the summer, children in our toddler room (also known as Discoverers) who will be starting in nursery school in September, will also begin their transition. During this transition they will be supported by their key person as they move into their new key groups.

Importantly, it is also the last half term with Michael as our co-head. He became the substantive headteacher in September 2015 after a long and well regarded teaching career in London. He will have been headteacher for 17 years by the end of this year! We know that he has many grand plans and look forward to hearing about his new adventures.


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