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Parents and Carers

Family Walking

We understand that parents and carers are children’s most important and enduring educators so we put a lot of time and effort into developing close relationships. Every child has a Key Person who will usually be the member of staff parents and carers will have most contact with.

"The key person’s role includes, but goes far beyond, administrative and operational activities such as keeping records or communicating about the child with parents or other professionals.  It is an emotional, reciprocal relationship. As children grow, the key person may not always be present at the setting. Despite this, the child should still feel “held in mind” when they are apart. The key person approach is statutory throughout the early years phase, including in Reception." Birth to Five Matters (2021)

We ask parents and carers to complete an admission pack which includes essential information such as telephone numbers, a, at this point we also need to know if there are any medical issues or allergies we need to be aware of . If a child is joining our nursery school we ask parents/carers to complete a 'My Story' for them, this is an online form, a link for which will be sent out to you on acceptance of a place. If your child is joining our childcare provision (baby room or toddler room) parents will complete an 'All About Me' form during one of their child's settling visits, alongside their child's key person. These documents helps us to get to know about children’s wider family circumstances, their culture, likes, dislikes, and pets.

Some children settle in very quickly, others take longer and we sometimes suggest shorter sessions for the first few days or weeks. We understand parents’ anxieties during these early days.

We regularly have opportunities for parents to join in with children’s activities - either through coming on walks and visits in the local  community, coming in to help in sessions or joining in workshops or “special events”. 

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