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Forest School


Forest School's Leader

Alison, our Headteacher, qualified as a Level 3 Forest School's Leader in 2020. All children in their preschool year get an opportunity to attend Forest School, which is based in an area known as 'The Wilderness', a mere ten minute walk from the nursery school.

Typically, children will attend Forest School in groups of 6-8 children, with a second member of staff supporting the session. Sessions take place in three week blocks, with one session, ~2h in length per week. We aim for each child to attend Forest School at least 6 times in their preschool year (typically this is in two blocks).


Activities at Forest School

We have all sorts of adventures at Forest School. Some of the things we have done include:

  • Cooking on a Kelly Kettle > We have made soup, spring rolls, scrambled eggs, 'fakeon' butties and even flat breads!

  • We have gone on listening walks, using our sense of hearing to explore the woods.

  • We have gone fishing in the Wilderness Beck (where the woodland gets its name).

  • We have made snacks for reindeer.

  • We've built dens to shelter us from the rain.

  • We've created a map of the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff', and accurately retold the story.

  • We've made hedgehogs out of clay and natural resources we've found in the woods.

  • We've been on minibeast hunts and build bug hotels

  • We have even hunted for elephant poo, as part of a nursery school project based on the story 'Handa's Surprise'.

  • We've looked for the colours of autumn and created 'Leaf Man' inspired sculptures.

  • We've played hide and seek, climbed 'the mountain' and rolled down the slope.

  • We've crossed the stepping stones, 'trip trapped' our way over the bridge and splashed in the beck.

  • We've told stories at every session and sung songs on every walk home.


What Does Forest School Do For Us?

  • Provides opportunities of risk, challenge and adventure.

  • Develops team working and social skills.

  • Embraces child led learning.

  • Reconnects children to nature and place.

  • Provides opportunities for outdoor learning.

  • Opportunities for active and experiential learning through play.

  • The ethos of Forest School focuses on raising confidence and self-esteem, through the provision of small, repeatable tasks and nurturing their personal, social and emotional development through the development of their social and team-working skills

Forest school is situated among contemporary movements in education and child development (Harris, F. (2018) Outdoor learning spaces: The case for the forest school area, Vol. 50, No. 2, pp222-231)

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